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If you drive a truck as your main means of transpiration you are not alone.  As of early 2012, around 46% of all vehicles sold in the U.S. were trucks. Areas of South Florida like West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale are no exception.

Astro Auto Salvage can help you find Used Truck Parts West Palm Beach. To let us help you find the parts you need, call us at 800-499-5666 or contact us online.

Pickup trucks are a type of American status symbol and many people drive them simply because they want a certain image and style.  But many people drive trucks because of the functionality and practicality of having a utility vehicle.  And some people drive trucks for both reasons – functionality and style.

Regardless of the reason for driving a truck, one thing that applies to all truck owners is the need for maintenance and repairs.  Trucks tend to take a beating and be driven hard, and though most are built to withstand the abuse, nonetheless, all vehicles are subject to damage and wear at times.

There’s need to rush out to the nearest parts dealer and purchase expensive new parts when doing repairs.  Take your time and consider whether it is best to buy new or pre-owned parts.  If you need spark plugs or headlights, then go for the new ones.  But for many other parts, pre-owned salvage auto parts may be a great deal and better value over new parts.

In addition to replacement mechanical parts, you can also find upgrade parts via a salvage dealer at a fraction of the cost for new ones.  Maybe you are looking for a towing package but can’t afford the one you want, but perhaps a salvage dealer has a truck like yours that was totaled in a front end collision but still has all the towing parts in tact.  Or maybe it’s the other way around.  Maybe you need a good used engine for your truck and the dealer has one that was totaled after being smashed in the rear.  Say hello to your engine bargain!

But where would a truck lover find such quality parts at the right price?  Look no further than Astro Auto Salvage in south Florida.  Astro has a huge selection of all sorts of parts and has them all in their computerized inventory system.

If you’re shopping for Used Truck Parts West Palm Beach then Astro Auto Salvage is a wise choice. Even if you are not in south Florida, Astro has online shopping and can ship their parts anywhere in the country!  They also can utilize their nationwide salvage yard network through which they can find parts from across the country.

If you need top quality clean used truck parts, then Astro is the place to shop, and they will even give you their standard one year unlimited miles warranty on every part!


Astro Auto salvage offers a 1 year warranty on all Used Truck Parts West Palm Beach sold. Check out our vast inventory of used auto and truck parts on our website.


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